Hawaii Cruise Calendar & Exclusive Deals

 DateFromToNightsDestinationCruise LineShipFrom per personPer NightBonusView Details
17/04/2019SydneyHonolulu16HawaiiRoyal CaribbeanOvation of the Seas$3,012$188View Details
30/09/2019HonoluluSydney19HawaiiRoyal CaribbeanOvation of the Seas$3,260$172View Details
25/03/2020SydneyHonolulu17HawaiiCarnival AustraliaCarnival Spirit$2,315$136View Details
20/04/2020SydneyHonolulu18HawaiiRoyal CaribbeanOvation of the Seas$3,008$167View Details
26/03/2020SydneyHonolulu30Hawaii & South PacificHolland Americams Noordam$6,908$230View Details
09/04/2020SydneyHonolulu16Hawaii & South PacificHolland Americams Noordam$3,571$223View Details
09/04/2019SydneySydney35Hawaii & TahitiPrincess CruisesSea Princess$6,157$176View Details
09/04/2019SydneyAuckland31Hawaii & TahitiPrincess CruisesSea Princess$6,151$198View Details
11/04/2019BrisbaneBrisbane35Hawaii & TahitiPrincess CruisesSea Princess$7,038$201View Details
25/08/2019AucklandAuckland35Hawaii & TahitiPrincess CruisesSea Princess$6,099$174View Details
29/08/2019SydneySydney35Hawaii & TahitiPrincess CruisesSea Princess$6,243$178View Details
31/08/2019BrisbaneBrisbane35Hawaii & TahitiPrincess CruisesSea Princess$6,009$172View Details
21/09/2019VancouverAuckland23Hawaii & TahitiPrincess CruisesRuby Princess$3,228$140View Details
24/09/2019Los AngelesAuckland20Hawaii & TahitiPrincess CruisesRuby Princess$2,813$141View Details
07/04/2020SydneyAuckland31Hawaii & TahitiPrincess CruisesSea Princess$5,757$186View Details
07/04/2020SydneySydney35Hawaii & TahitiPrincess CruisesSea Princess$6,496$186View Details
09/04/2020BrisbaneBrisbane35Hawaii & TahitiPrincess CruisesSea Princess$6,496$186View Details
02/04/2019SydneyHonolulu18Hawaii from SydneyCarnival AustraliaCarnival Legend$2,757$153View Details
07/04/2019SydneyHonolulu29Hawaii from SydneyHolland Americams Noordam$4,819$166View Details
12/04/2019SydneyHonolulu19Hawaii from SydneyCelebrity CruisesCelebrity Solstice$3,726$196View Details
18/04/2019SydneyHonolulu18Hawaii from SydneyRoyal CaribbeanRadiance of the Seas$2,773$154View Details
21/04/2019SydneyHonolulu15Hawaii from SydneyHolland Americams Noordam$2,549$170View Details
18/04/2020SydneyHonolulu18Hawaii from SydneyRoyal CaribbeanRadiance of the Seas$2,967$165View Details
09/04/2020SydneyVancouver25Hawaii, South Pacific & VancouverHolland Americams Noordam$5,205$208View Details
21/09/2019VancouverSydney31Hawaii, Tahiti & New ZealandPrincess CruisesRuby Princess$4,361$141View Details
24/09/2019Los AngelesSydney28Hawaii, Tahiti & New ZealandPrincess CruisesRuby Princess$3,936$141View Details
25/09/2019VancouverSydney29Hawaii, Tahiti & USAPrincess CruisesGolden Princes$4,078$141View Details
25/09/2019VancouverAuckland23Hawaii, Tahiti & USAPrincess CruisesGolden PrincesSold OutSold OutView Details
28/09/2019San FranciscoSydney26Hawaii, Tahiti & USAPrincess CruisesGolden Princes$3,653$141View Details
28/09/2019San FranciscoAuckland20Hawaii, Tahiti & USAPrincess CruisesGolden PrincesSold OutSold OutView Details

About Hawaii Cruises and Packages

Hawaii’s weather is warm all year round with daytime high temperatures ranging from 25C in the “colder” months to 29C in the hotter months. Hawaii’s proximity to the equator means that the its weather is tropically warm and consistent throughout the year.  Cruising to, from and around Hawaii is a fantastic way to experience this beautiful destination. Many cruise lines send their cruise ships from the Northern Hemisphere to Australia for the Australian summer season. These are called repositioning cruises and are usually from 15 to 21 Nights cruising from Australia to Hawaii (April each year) or Hawaii to Australia (September, October) and have varying stops along the way that Tahiti, South Pacific and New Zealand. If you enjoy lots of “sea days”, then a repositioning cruise is for you.

Our exclusive customisable packages include a One Way flight, a couple of nights in Honolulu and your cruise. If you want to experience Hawaii at it best, a cruise around the islands of Hawaii could be for you. Norwegian Cruise Lines operate 7 Night cruises all year round from Honolulu, Princess and Crystal Cruises operate 15 Night cruises from mainland USA and Canada. You can also take a cruise from Hawaii to Vancouver and for a bit of luxury, Silversea and Regent offer Honolulu to Tahiti. Hawaii’s offers something for everyone. Let Just Cruises help your plan your perfect holiday.

Hawaii has become the new cruise destination with a number of ships now docking here on their way through the Pacific.

An island cruise lets you experience the true spirit of an Hawaiian vacation where the ancient culture and enchanting beauty of the islands combine with the allure of the sea to create an unforgettable Hawaiian experience. Venture into a hidden paradise of lush emerald valleys, spectacular waterfalls, smoldering volcanoes and secluded beaches.

Visit all the major Hawaiian Islands.

Oahu has a reputation for having the most consistently beautiful weather – light trade winds and 82°F almost year round. Cosmopolitan Honolulu features fantastic dining, world-class shopping, historic landmarks and glamorous Waikiki Beach.

Maui has been voted the best island in the world – for six years in a row. This tropical paradise has it all: hundreds of spectacular beaches, cascading waterfalls, voluptuous jungles bursting with color and birdsong, dramatic volcanic craters and small, charming Hawaiian towns. Cruises visit both Lahaina and Kahului

Larger than Hawaii’s other main islands combined, the Big Island of Hawaii is spectacularly diverse in both landscapes and activities. Pristine beaches, curious lava formations, the earth’s tallest sea mountain and the world’s most continuously active volcano all make this island a completely unique adventure. Hilo is its main port.

Kauai offers a different kind of paradise – more low-key and pristine, and somehow more authentic. A Kauai rule states no building can exceed the height of a coconut tree, so the skyline is dominated by swaying palms, majestic mountains and almost daily rainbows.

Cruise types

Locally based cruises are 7 nights while cruises that start on the West Coast are generally 14 to 15 nights duration. Occasionally the local cruises do longer itineraries that include Fanning Island in Kiribati.

Cruise season

The locally based ships operate year round while cruises from the west coast tend to operate from September to April. These are often repositioning cruise pre and post the Alaska season.

Main ports

Local ports include Honolulu, Hilo, Kauai, Lahaina and Kahului
West Coast ports include Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Diego and Ensenada

Lying mostly within the tropics, the weather here year round is warm (mid 80s F/32c) While generally it is not very wet the rainier period is from November to February.