If you’ve been issued a Future Cruise Credit, you may have some questions about how they work and how to get the best value for them. We can help!

1. What is a Future Cruise Credit?
A Future Cruise Credit (FCC) is similar to a store credit, but issued by cruise lines. Many times, instead of issuing a direct cash refund, cruise lines will issue a credit for the price of the cruise that can be used toward booking a different sailing.

2. Do I have to redeem my Future Cruise Credit with the cruise line or original booking agent directly?
No, we will help you navigate the FCC redemption process and maximize your FCC’s value by providing you with bonus offers you will only find here.

3. What are the benefits of redeeming my Future Cruise Credit with Just Cruises and Travel?
• Our cruise experts will walk you through the process and give you advice to make sure you get the right cruise holiday for you
• You will receive everything the cruise lines offer PLUS
• We will give you exclusive bonuses only from Just Cruises
• Past guest offers will be applicable to your new booking

4. How long do I have to use my Future Cruise Credit?
Expiration dates vary by cruise line. For specific details on Future Cruise Credits issued by an individual cruise line, we suggest you speak with a consultant

5. What happens if I rebook using my Future Cruise Credit and I have to cancel, or if the cruise line cancels the cruise?
If you cancel — A new FCC will be issued if the cancellation is outside of standard penalties. If cancellation penalties apply, they will be deducted from the FCC amount and the remaining balance will be issued as a new FCC.

If the cruise line cancels — You will be issued a new FCC at 100% of the original value.

6. Can I book a cruise online using my Future Cruise Credit?
Unfortunately, at this time, no one is able to book a cruise online using an FCC as payment. If you call us on 1800 284 112 one of our cruise experts will take care of it for you and help you maximize your credit with exclusive bonus offers only available by booking with Just Cruises

7. What can my Future Cruise Credit be applied to?
Your FCC will be applied to the cruise fare less taxes and fees. Other items may be applicable and vary by cruise line. Please call one of our cruise experts who can assist you with any questions.

8. What happens if there’s a difference in cruise fare between the Future Cruise Credit I receive, and the cruise that I would like to book next?
If the cruise fare for the new booking exceeds the FCC’s value, you will be responsible for the difference. If the new cruise fare is lower than the FCC’s value, the remaining balance may be issued in a variety of ways depending on the cruise line’s policy, including a new FCC or onboard spending. We will help you take full advantage of every dollar you have in credit, plus we’ll give you even more for booking with us.

9. Can I carry promotional amenities or value adds (onboard spending, specialty dining offers, spa credits, etc.) from my original cancelled reservation to my new future booking?
At time of cancellation, the cruise line removed all promotional offers, amenities, and value adds, so they will not carry over to your future reservation. However, your Just Cruises consultant will secure the latest promotions and value adds to make sure you get the most out of your cruise.

Ready to apply your Future Cruise Credit today? Call our team of cruise specialists on 1800 284 112 and we’ll be happy to assist or Search for your Cruise Here